Air Coolers For Process Rooms

Air Coolers For Process Rooms

ETF air coolers for process rooms ensure the absence of direct drafts for people in work areas or handling rooms.

Manufactured with stainless steel tubes and aluminium fins (StSt/Al). Compatible with all refrigerants (NH₃, CO₂, glycol, HFC, etc.). Modular design from 1 to 4 axial fans (Ø500, 560). Fin pitch: 4-4,5-5-6-7 mm.

ETF series units are designed for installation in workrooms and corridors with limited height.

ETF air coolers ensure the absence of air flow in direct contact with the people working in the rooms, and offer low sound pressure levels.


  • Tube geometry. Tube 5/8″ 50×50 in line
  • Tube material. AISI 304 stainless steel (or AISI 316 on request)
  • Aluminium fins. Optionally, they can be made of magnesium aluminium or aluminium with epoxy protection
  • Stainless steel screws
  • White thermo-lacquered aluminium casing
  • Removable side covers. Easy access to coolant connections
  • Tray insulated with polyurethane as standard to avoid condensation. Tray made entirely of GRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester), a light and resistant material, rigid, resistant to corrosion and a good thermal, acoustic and electrical insulator
  • ErP Ready axial fans with IP54 or IP55 motors, depending on the model; motor protection with thermocontacts
  • The equipment is delivered pressurized and with Schrader + valves


  • Hot gas defrost in tray with check valve installed (optional)
  • Electric defrosting in coil and/or tray
  • EC fans
  • Epoxy protected sheets
  • Stainless steel casing