Evaporative Condensers

Evaporative Condensers

Innovative evaporative condensers.
Forced draft counterflow execution with GRP casing.
EC axial fans as standard.
An ultra-compact coil with a minimum refrigerant charge.

NCX condensers are currently the equipment with the highest energy efficiency available on the market, exceeding the ErP 2023 standard.

NCX series condensers are evaporative condensers ahead of their time. They are forced draft countercurrent condensers with fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) casing, characteristics that ensure enormous resistance to corrosion and the highest performance.

NCX evaporative condensers incorporate innovative EC technology electric motors (integrated controllers) for a very low sound pressure level that results in extremely quiet operation.

The EC motors’ superior efficiency exceeds IE4 requirements. The integrated electronics of the EC motors allow variable speed control of the fan for maximum energy savings in the installation with reduced power consumption compared to AC motors with VFD.

NCX evaporative condenser coils are hot-dip galvanized in a discontinuous process according to the UNE.EN ISO 1461:2010 standard. The coil design is ultra-compact and innovative, with an internal refrigerant volume of up to 33% less than competitive solutions currently available.

The air inlet is on one side only, which allows its modular implementation, optimizing the space required in the plant. In addition, the single-sided air inlet allows the quiet side to be positioned towards noise-sensitive areas. The fans are installed in the dry air suction section, which prevents condensation and eliminates problems of corrosion and premature mechanical failure.

The unique curved geometry of the droplet eliminators provides four changes in air flow direction with three impact zones and a cellular structure with overlapping sheets that retain water droplets present in the air flow, reducing drag to less than 0.001%. The EOS PLUS water basin with self-draining design, with two slopes on two axes towards the emptying connection, allows complete emptying. The basin is completely diaphanous, with no inaccessible areas and a large internal area that allows easy and convenient access for inspection and cleaning. The NCX range is designed for proper installation and operation even in environments with category C5 (maximum corrosion degree according to ISO 9223:1992, marine or heavy industrial environment).


  • Maximum energy savings and low installation cost
  • Axial fans with EC motors with commutated electronics as standard
  • GRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) casing
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Stainless steel anti-cavitation filter as standard
  • Very easy access to all serviceable parts


  • Multiple independent circuits in the heat exchange coil
  • Exchange coil entirely made of stainless steel, both in AISI 304L and AISI 316L quality
  • Heating element installed in the recirculation water basin
  • Electronic level control to replace the mechanical float valve
  • E-CARE water quality control system
  • Reserve pump mounted with check valve
  • Customizable colour
  • Signalling lights
  • Maintenance ladder and perimeter walkways made exclusively of GRP
  • 5-year extended Premium warranty with 24-hour after-sales service