Evaporators For Spiral Freezing Tunnels_senzal

Evaporators For Spiral Freezing Tunnels

BF evaporators are industrial units specially designed for installation in spiral tunnels and, in general, for quick freezing of food products. They are highly customizable.

Manufactured with stainless steel tube and aluminium fin (StSt/Al). Compatible with all refrigerants (NH₃, CO₂, glycol, HFC, etc.). Modular design from 2 to 15 axial fans (Ø800, 900). Fins pitch: 7-10-12 mm.


  • Tube geometry. 7/8″ 65.43 x 56.66 staggered 7/8″ tube
  • Tube material. Stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 on request)
  • Corrugated aluminium fins (0.25 mm thick), in order to turbulence the air passing through the coil and increase heat transfer
  • Stainless steel screws
  • White thermo-lacquered aluminium casing
  • Removable side covers. Easy access to coolant connections
  • ErP Ready axial fans with IP55 motors
  • The equipment is delivered pressurized and with Schrader + valves


  • Hot gas defrost in tray with check valve installed (optional)
  • Water defrosting
  • Electric defrosting in coil and/or tray
  • Mixed defrosting
  • Heating rings on fans
  • Fans with powered motors for ESP greater than 200 Pa
  • Special engines
  • Mixed flap steps
  • Epoxy protected sheets
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Tray insulated with polyurethane
  • Height adjustable support legs